“This was your plan with Nana.” Madiba told by Loretta.

Zora Citizen Tv show analyst by Tambua Africa now wears a new face. This is after Milton vows to solve the Will case in Court. He had changed his mind after being convinced by Loretta to have a family agreement. It should be remembered Loretta’s mission was to return Zalena and the family at home before Fellah can have her back as his first love.

Pointless Loretta accuses Madiba of a hidden agenda over the inheritance. Madiba during the reading of the first will didn’t show any reactions even after having not been included in the Will. In the second will he did not show any concerns after being included with 10%. Loretta has decided to use his calmness against himself. He links this to Nana’s recent arguments of which she refused to sign the document.

She was also given the same house Madiba lived in.

“And all this imetokea time tumedicide kusolve issue ya Will out of court.”

But who is Madiba. He openly defends himself on the time he realised he was not a true Chibale. This was very recent. So why did he marry Nana thinking he is a Chibale? If he could have known nana was carrying his child, then why ask for Loretta’s help to win Zora.? This two questions left Loretta pointless infront on Milton.

“The problem is that I have known you for a long time. And I can read anything by expression of your face.”

Madiba Discovers Ogola is not a Gateman as he knew him

Ogola the all time gate keeper is not who he is. Neema attests to this through her experience with him. She had been suspecting this through the strange behaviours by the OG himself. Madiba doesn’t believe it.

Zora is pregnant.

Zora pregnancy test results – Positive

Zora is disturbed after having a pregnancy test. The test proves positive. But to whom does the pregnancy belong to is the biggest question. This comes from the statement zora speaks.

Zora speaks to herself, “Oh my God, Oh my God, Why Zora why? Aki umefanya nini, umefanya nini? Lakini hata nikiwa disappointed hakuna kitu itabadilisha ju isha happen. The good thing is that usha bebesha mwingine mimba.”

ZORA CITIZEN TV 24TH DECEMBER 2021 written updates was first created on Tambua Africa.

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