Sultana Citizen Tv Part 1

At Major Jabali’s home

As Sultana Citizen tv 22nd July 2022 begins, Jj is seen deep in thoughts. He seems to be disturbed by something he find too much difficult to land on its solution.

While walking on the seashore, Aunty Sada calls. She tries to interven since she has been trying so much to win Jj on her side.

“Jj? Pole mwanangu, yani mimi najuwa fika wewe na mzee vichwa haviendi. Naomba kama inawezekana tuungane tuwe team moja shangazi.”

She claims to be in total confusion since she doesn’t understand Major Jabali at all. It should be noted that Major is the brother to Sada.

She explains how Major Jabali has become so stubborn.

To her shock, Jj who is the only son to Major does not side wilt her. In reality, he asks her explanation why she is focused on Gossips day in day out.

“Shangazi subiri. Kama si Umbea ni vitina tu….. Au wewe unachofurahia ni mimi nikiwa siko sawa na mzee. Hebu nipishe niende zangu.”

Sanda is now confused on who to side with. No one is ready to be in her support.

Kaka is also Deep in love with Dida.

It has recently been noted that Kaka is madly in love with Dida. This is predictable that the two might end up getting married towards the end of the show.

“Itakuwaje nikimkanya Jj kumwona Sultana. Ina maana asipompata Sultana sitaku na nafasi ya Dida. Siko tayari kumpoteza Dida. Dida ni wangu. Siwezi kubali penzi letu liyeyuke kabisa.”

According to Kaka, despite too much hatred towards Jabali Junior, but he just have to allow him close to Sultana so as to get a clear chance for Dida.

Jj Calls his Fiance Dida.

Jj Calls Dida. The two hold some fruitful discussion including a surprise outing. Jj plans to take Dida for an out.

“Wewe unanipeleka wapi.”

Major Vows Jabali Junior mus marry Dida

Bi Ua tried to calm down her husband. She asks him to go slow on tye drama that is going on in the house.

But this does not drug Major back on the issue of Jj’s Marriage.

“Sijui una mipangilio gani na Jj. Lazima atamuoa Dida. Upende usipende Jj atamuoa Dida. Na wanakijiji hawana budi kunipa heshima yangu kama simba mwenyewe Major Jabali.”

Jj involves Buya in discussion towards Bi Salama’s disappearance. He asks for a fast follow-up just to ensure Kokan doesn’t use it against his job.

After discussing wit Jj,

Jj fights at the bar.

Jj takes his wife to be for a date clubbing. He drinks heavily saying that is the only way he will be able to clear his thoughts.

Jj wants to forget about the case and what has happened the whole week at the same time have fun.

Fatima Visits Major Jabali

Sada: Wewe kupe, watafuta nini hapa.

Fatima: Kupe. Sada, Kati yangu mimi na wewe aliyekatalia mahali ambapo hatakikani ni nani?

Sada: Yani Mimi kukaa kwetu sutakikani.

Major: Hey hey, mbona msikae kama wanawake. Karibu karibu.

Sada: Major, Huyu mwanamke ndio atakuwa chanzo cha hii familia kuvunjika usipokuwa macho. Huyu nakwambia.

Sultana Citizen Tv part 2

Buya of Sultana Citizen Tv

Buya suspects Fatima his wife to be the reason behind Bi Salama disappearance.

He beats his mind to make sure the two are found before things go bad.

Fatima on the other hand after inviting herself to Major Jabali’s home, she invites Jabali’s family for a party where the they can also discuss Jj’s marriage.

Major Jabali accepts the invitation promising to be present with his family. Fatima asks Major to deal with Sada.

“Mambo,z mimi naitwa Jj mtoto wa Major Jabali, na huyu ni mrembo wangu. Ningependa tumwimbie kidogo.” Jj quarrels at the restaurant after someone touché her baby without apology. He is finally curried by the bouncers out.

Check ot for Sultana Citizen Tv Monday 25th July 2022, 26th and 27th full episodes.

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