“I am not seek.” MJ told.

After Major Jabali gives his wife Ua medicine he promises her this will help. Ua cuts him short that she is not seek.

Bi Ua of Sultana Citizen Tv asks Major if he truly loves her. She disapproves him because he doesn’t believe what she tells him. Major Jabali’s objective is achieved, the medicine makes Bi Ua sleep.

On the other side Asya is disturbed. She pleads with Bi Salama to hand over the baby. She promises to take the child back but Salama fears being jailed. After Asya insists, Salama shocks her with sad news. The child is blind.

Asya also seeks Doctors advice. She inquires if the problem disturbing Bi Ua will ever come to end. She also asks if she can recover once given what she wants but this sounds incorrect to doctor. To her hope, Doctor assures Asya is just like other women who suffered and will recover back to normal.

Sultana Citizen Tv show is aired on weekdays exactly at 7.30pm to 8.10pm. The show daily episodes take up approximately 30 minutes diffused with advertisements.

Sultana Citizen Tv is produced by Lulu Hassan at a Giffy Productions Nairobi. According to her statement Sultana Citizen Tv show Auditions was posted on Social media. Only those actors who took the information seriously turned up and secured their roles.

Get Sultana Citizen Tv Updates Today and tomorrow full episode Written Updates on Tambua Africa.

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