Sultana Citizen Tv part 1

At Major Jabali’s home

Sultana Citizen Tv Todays show starts right at Major Jabali’s home. Bi Ua and Jabali Junior are back home. Major, Mwanzele, Asya, and Fatima stare at her.

Bi Ua is hostile at everyone and everything. She questions why they are looking at her as if they have seen a ghost. Major gives a baby towel and leaves the room.

At Maneno’s Home

Zuu is seated outside deep into thoughts. Maneno her father is conscious about her state. As he draws closer, Zuu asks where Bi Salama his Sister and her aunt was when her mother died. She asks because of the current relationship between Maneno and Salama.

“Nataka kujua kama kuna kitu kilitokea hapo awali. Nielezee babangu.” Zuu requests.

Mr Maneno us the father to Zuu in Sultana Citizen Tv show. He assures everything is OK between him and Bi Salama.

“Mimi nakuhakikishia mimi na Bi Salama tuko sawa tu. Hatujakosana. Ila ni kutoelewana kidogo.” He says.

But Zuu is still suspecting to be the cause. She even thinks she said something that was not right and at a wrong place.

Zuu requests her father to try his efforts to restore their relationship since they are the only relatives she has.

On the other side, Mwanzele laughs. He wants to know what Bi Ua had gone to do at the beach but it is not important for the particular time. According to Fatima the most important thing is that she is back home and safe.

Babu thinks: Babu thinks of dissolving his feelings towards Bi Salama. As he is still speaking to himself, Coincidentally Salama enters!

Major is Confused: Major is confused about tye kind of relationship that has grown after the birth of the child. He thinks maybe he is the major cause of the disagreement.

Bi Ua of Zora Citizen Tv request Mwanzele to take Kokan home. Kokan is a small boy in Sultana Citizen Tv show that started on 7th March 2022. He started playing his role at the sea shores where Bi Ua hand gone with Jabali Junior.

“Major Nyakati kama hizi ni vizuri subira iwaongoze. Nyakati kama hizi changamoto ni nyingi haswa mtoto angali mchanga. Jikaze, umlinde murithi uliyemngoja kwa muda murefu” Fatima advises Major Jabali.

Fatima in Zora Citizen Tv is the wife to Buya. She is so much concerned about Jabali’s family since her dream is for Jabali Junior to marry her daughter.

Bi Ua becomes so hostile at her. She asks Asya her house girl to go and chase Fatima away. She won’t be allowed to touch the child until Fatima leaves. As she approaches Major Shouts at her.

Sultana Citizen Tv Show part 2

Babu Of Sultana Citizen Tv show


Sultana Citizen Tv Tomorrow tend to be hotter than today. Now Bi Salama is not in good terms with.

Sultana Citizen Tv Show 17th March 2022 Full Episode part 1 and 2

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