1. What is Sultana Citizen Show?

    SULTANA is a Kenyan soap opera drama television series, produced by TV Anchor Lulu Hassan’s Jiffy Pictures, airing on Citizen TV station.

  2. Who is Sultana in Citizen?

    Sultana is the main actress on Zora citizen Tv show.

  3. Who are the producers of sultana?

    Sultana Citizen Tv is Produced by Jiffy pictures lead by Lulu Hassan.

  4. When did Sultana start on Citizen TV?

    Monday 7th March 2022

  5. When will Sultana end?

    Early 2023

  6. How to get Sultana Citizen Tv updates?

    To get Sultana Citizen TV updates visit Tambua Africa News – then search for Sultana written updates.

  7. Is Sultana blind in real life?

    No Sultana is not Blind. It is just acting. The role she is assigned is to act as a blind lady but She is a physical fit lady in Real life.

Sultana Citizen Tv show is the new series that will replace Zora Citizen Tv. From the cast actors that main Character is a Lady who was born and pronounced dead at birth.

According to The trailer on Viusasa season 1, the show will revolve around stigma, rejection, unwanted pregnancy and poverty.

The man responsible to be her father was obsessed by a male heir. She was switched at birth and raise by a mid wife.

Sultana will be an emotional movie. This will be a clear implication of what is happening in the society. The poor blind lady survives her life.


She should be so thankful to the midwife who saved her life in the same village. She also survives all the challenges that come with her physical health condition that is inability to see.

Sultana at her desire for equality raises to look for her happiness.

In Real life

Sultana acts as a blind lady but physically fit in real life.

Sultana is married and blessed with one beautiful daughter, Teeris.

Zora’s Ending

About Zora Citizen Tv 4th March 2022, Madiba Finds out Zora is engaged to another man richer than him. He is speechless after seen the man hug her and kiss her in his presence.

Zora end in suspense where no one will be able to predict what happens thereafter. This is just the same way Maria ended.

Sutana Citizen tv show is also available on Viusasa

How to watch Sultana Citizen Tv show on Viusasa

  1. Download Viusasa Android app from Google play-store

    To download Viusasa, Turn your data bundles on and log on to Play store. Type in Viusasa and install

  2. Open Viusasa

    After installing viusasa, Launch the app.

  3. Click on the menu icon and select Create account

    Create an account if you do not have one. If you already created an account then log in.

  4. Subscribe

    To be able to watch videos on Viusasa, you are supposed to purchase a subscription. Pay via M-pesa.

  5. Watch Sultana

    Search for sultana and watch your favorite show ahead of everyone else.

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