SULTANA CITIZEN TV 22ND MARCH 2022 FULL EPISODE is full of truth, lies and bitterness. According to Bi Ua, she is very much sure she gave birth to a baby girl. But this is contrary to Bi Salama. Bi Salama is the Midwife who helped during the birth process.

From Sultana Citizen Tv Previous episodes updates, Bi Salama exchanged the child after thinking the baby was dead. The big task she has is to explain and convince Bi Ua that she gave birth to a baby boy.

Bi Ua is Bitter about the truth. Her recent behaviours have made everyone think she is mentally deranged.

We get this from Buyas wife Mrs Fatima. She tells Major Jabali “Mkeo hayuko vyema.”

Sultana Citizen Tv 22nd March 2022 Full Episode part 1 and 2
Sultana Citizen Tv 22nd March 2022 Full Episode part 1 and 2

Bi Ua is also bitter with Fatima. From her assumptions, Fatima is behind their family disagreement. She asks Asya to chase her away from their mansion. The controversy is on Baby Sultana and Jabali Junior.

Who is major Jabali?

Major Jabali is a rich man. He owns many riches, cars, and he is also a highly profiled man in the community. The only problem they have had is lack of a heir.

He is happy after getting a baby boy but this has not earned a smile to his wife. In 22nd March 2022, Jabali is also confused why his wife is said to be OK and in real sense she isn’t.

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