Sultana Citizen Tv 11th March 2022 full episode Written Updates.

Sultana Citizen Tv 10th March 2022

Celebrations set for the new born baby Jabali Junior are in progress. Major Jabali is one of the most happy man on the world.

Major Jabali prefers to have the baby in his arms without bothering if hungry or not. Bi Ua on the other side is not at ease. She doubts everything is not right.

Bi Ua is the wife to the rich Man Major Jabali. The two have not been in good terms with many doubts of who will inherit their property and riches.

Despite the many question marks on the child Bi Ua requests for the child. She sends Asya to bring the baby for breastfeeding.

Major Jabali is stubborn. This forces Bi Ua to come for the baby herself.

“M. J. Tusianzane. Mtoto hajanyonya kuanzia jana. Tatizo lako ni nini, Nitamuumiza vipi na mimi ndio mamake!”

In Sultana Citizen Tv 11th March 2022 that is a full episode for Friday in part 1 and 2 we encounter more unfolding issues that are eating up the community.

Meanwhile in Sultana Citizen Tv 10th March 2022 Today’s Episode, the party happens to have some hitch.

Babu is also suspicious about the recent strange behaviours Bi Salama has been portraying. He opens up to Zuu as she also explains how she feels towards the whole scenario.

“Asya! Kuna kitu hakiko sawa hapa. Hadi mtoto akatae kunyonya! Hapana. Hii si kawaida. Una hakika sikujifungua mtoto wa kike.” Asya discourages Bi Ua to stop thinking alot.

All witnesses were present, “Mkunga Bi Salama alikuwa pale, Daktari alikuwa pale, achana na mawazo madam. Jabali junior ni mwanao. La msingi ni tujue huyu mtoto atanyonya namna gani”

Bi Salama in the New Citizen Tv show is a traditional a mid wife. She plays her role perfectly by helping out mothers and new born at birth. She helped out Major Jabali’s wife Bi Ua to give birth.

She also played her smart cards exchanging the girl with a boy. She thought it was dead but after the whole process she came to find out the initial baby born by Ua was still a live.

To cut the whole story short their is still more to be hidden by Asya and the midwife. On the other hand Duya has started war with Jabali. We find them having some rough ideas against each other leading to threats.

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