Sultana Citizen Tv show written updates.

Major Jabali finally gets an hear. He picks the baby boy. Jabali checks the new born and confirms it is a baby boy. After that he names the child as Jabali Junior.

Major Jabali of Sultana citizen tv is purely point blank. He has no clue the child is not his. Jabali jokes that the babies nose resembles him. As he makes all the statements Bi. Ua is pointless. She isn’t celebrating at all.

Bi Salama and Asya have played smart cards. This is after Salama exchanges the child to suit Jabali’s expectations. The two agree to keep the secret to themselves.

“Niahidi hili litabakia kuwa siri katu yangu na wewe.”

Asya of Sultana citizen Tv today accepts to have the secret well kept. She also offers to pay her with a necklace but it is not accepted by Bi. Salama.

Sultana Citizen Tv 9th and 10th March 2022 full episode part 1 & 2. Check out on Viusasa.

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