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1. The party in Sultana Citizen Tv 8th August 2022 ends on a bad not paving way for 9th August, Tuesday episode.

After the party was disrupted by unexpected events in Sultana Citizen Tv show 8th August 2022, Dida and Buya decides to call off the birthday party.

“Everybody go home. The party is over.” Dida yells.

Everybody go home. The party is over.” Dida yells.

This news shocks many since the whole program was full of drama.

  • Dida got lost and could not be found.
  • Fatima gets drunk and spoils her daughter’s birthday party.
  • Kaka is also missing.
  • Allover sudden Kaka and Dida are found in a private room making love.
  • Fatima can’t believe her eyes, she is shocked to an extent she comes back to her senses.
  • Sada witnesses everything that was going on.

“Hii shughuli itakomea hapo kwa Leo.” Buya makes a second announcement just after her daughter.

On that note in Sultana Citizen Tv 8th August 2022, the party has no otherwise but to end. Although Major Jabali has an issue over the same but buya can’t afford to listen to him at the moment.

In the event of posing a discussion, his wife Bi Ua request to obey the head of the family.

Fatima checks on Dida in her room (Written Updates by Tambua Africa)

After making an announcement for every invited guest to call of the party, Dida goes straight to her room. Her mother follows immediately to have a discussion of what had transpired and what step to follow next.

From the look of things Dida is now Open to her. She swears loving Kaka and that is the only source of joy in her life.

“Hiyo ngombe, that is the one i love.”

Fatima tries to slap Dida but she proves not to backslide on her point.

“Mum, you want to slap me foe choosing the love of my heart. Na sitajirudia tena. Huyo Beach boy, that is the one I want. OK”

Major quarrels his sister Sada

Major quarrels his sister Sada

Major is not happy at all. On entry into the car, Ua pours uncountable questions on him. But Major prefers silence since he can be forced to through some people out of the vehicle.

As things are flowing, it is clearly predictable that in Sultana Citizen Tv 9th August show, the two episodes will be on fire. Any way let’s continue, Sada suspects to be the one who might the left out.

Sada without any fear assures Major to prepare for more and bigger troubles. “Ndio mkoko umeanza kualika maua Major.”

Bi Ua is on the wall. She can’t take the argument any more. She calls then stubborn and also sounds a warning to Sada.

Major mmenifika kooni yani. Huu uzembe wenu haufurahishi. Na wewe, Jua mahali pa kuanzisha ugomvi. ”

Buya is listening to Fatima’s quarrels with her daughter Dida. (Written updates by Tambua Africa)

As Dida continues having a firm standing position towards loving Kaka, her mother also vows not to give her even a single thought.

This pushes her only daughter to lose some respect. Dida requests Fatima to focus on making her marriage work and be successful. From that she might be able to understand the meaning of true love. Not love for money since no one can buy love.

Dida says she wants to be happy in any kind of relationship. This opens up Fatima’s heart to spill the beans. Fatima informs Dida, her father is broke for tye moment and tye auctioneers might be in to take over everything including the house.

“Daddy hana pesa na kampuni haina pesa. Havi karibuni, itakuja chotwa na banki. Na sidhani kama hili banda tunaloishi litaponea.”

Buya who was listening on the back side of the door without their knowledge drops the glass on hearing that.

The two jet out very fast to see what us happening. In Sultana Citizen Tv 9th August 2022 full episode, we will also be able to find out what exactly Buya is planning to do in order to restore his financial status.

Fatima: Wewe kama kweli unamjali huyo mpuzi wako, itabidi uwachane na huu ipuzi mliouanzisha.

Dida: Or what mah. Utampiga na chupa kama ulivyompiga Bi Salama.

Dida: Or what mah. Utampiga na chupa kama ulivyompiga bi Salama? Ama utamuua? Si ninakuongelesha. Don’t dare even touch a single hair on his head.

Dida warns her mother and walk away from her.

Major, Ua and the family arrives home minus Jj. _ Viusasa

Upon arrival at home, Ua goes straight to her son’s room to confirm if he arrived. Behind her Major is looks quite disturbed until Asya calls. As the two enter the Living room and sit, Sada is seen celebrating.

This makes Major suspect her to being the mastermind behind all that happened at the party.

She says it was quite easy to deal with fatima and it has really tinted her name. That will take her a long time to win her dignity back.

What should unfold is Sultana Citizen Tv 10th August 2022 Full Episode part 1 and 2 _ Viusasa

In Sultana Citizen Tv 10th August 2022, We will come to understand how major plans to deal with his sister. Living it to him, on the other side Buya assures Dida things are not so bad as Fatima puts it since he still has mega contract that he will cling on to rescue his financial status.

He will use the money to help Dida grow her self into a wealthy woman wo doesn’t rely on her husband for everything. In Sultana Citizen Tv 11th August, the show will have grown into climax of the week paving way for the final Friday 12th August 2022 full episode part one and 2.

Check out for Sultana citizen tv; 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th August 2022 full episode part 1 and two ahead of everyone else on VIUSASA.

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