Sultana Citizen Tv show is a swahili movie series on Citizen Tv. It gains its airplay every weekday exactly after Nipashe news.

Nipashe News takes 30 minutes from 7.00 PM. Thereafter Sultana takes over form 7.30 to 8.00 PM.

During this time parents and show lovers keep remotes away to avoid children interference demanding for Akili Kids channel.

The show revolves around a young girl “Sultana’ who was born blind. She is the biological daughter to the rich man Major Jabali and Bi Ua.

Things got out of hand after she was exchanged for Jabali Junior. Thus secret is only known to Bi Salama and Asya the house girl. Although Bi Ua suspects but she has no evidence.

Yesterday Sultana show took another new face switching to some few years forward. Now the little Sultana and Jabali Junior are grown ups.

As tye show starts we come across Sultana with a fruit in her hands. Unfortunately she drops it but finds it difficult to get it since she can’t see.

“Sultana, Sultanaaaaaa, Sultana.” Sultana hears Someone calling as she finds her way through the forest. Sultana is terrified on who way be calling. Poor girl falls several times but gains back and walks away.

Sultana Citizen Tv: 8th April 2022 full Episode part 1 and 2 – Written updates

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