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Major Jabali might have caused great harm to his wife Bi Ua in Sultana Citizen Tv show today.

Bi Ua recovers from unconscious state. Although she can now talk but seems to have lost her senses. Bi Ua was hit by her husband Major Jabali and in the event fell and knocked her head on the stairs.

Major Jabali who was fast in apologising confesses he did not mean to raise his hand to his wife.

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Bi Ua picks up tye doll that was placed on her side when asleep and awards kissing it.

Jj blames his father for hurting his mother. Bi Ua acts strange. She hides her baby when she sees Asya. This imply the hidden and unknown secret about Asya but it is taking a long time for the truth to unveil.

Watch Sultana Citizen tv 7th and 8th November 2022 full episode part 1 and two below.

Sultana Citizen Tv 7th, 8th November 2022 full Episode Part 1, 2 – Viusasa

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