Buya unable to pay at the hotel

Few days after his release, Buya is totally homeless. He goes to the hotel where he orders some food but after the bill is served, he fails to pay. Buya is forced to leave his expensive watch. Buya also lacks where to sleep. as he walks in the darkness, a goon from unknown direction orders him to stop. He is seen carrying a knife which he uses to grab Buya’s phone with force.

Bi Ua Regains her consciousness

Bi Ua who had lost consciousness regains beck her senses. She fainted after hearing about Kaka who might be responsible of Dida’s pregnancy. According to Sada, she opened having witnessed Kaka and Dida being ambushed in the darkness. This was during the birthday celebration at buya’s home.

Bi Ua is also notified that the commotion that happened led to the loss of Sultana’s necklace that she was awarded by her mother. Bi Ua is shocked about the news.

Sultana Citizen Tv: 6th, 7th October 2022 – Full Episode Part 1/2 – Written Updates

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