As Sultana Citizen Tv 6th April 2022 episode 1 starts, Ua is terrified with a rat. She is not sure if she saw a rat. Ua requests Major Jabali to assist but he promises to ask Asya fumigate the whole house.

“Asya dawa hii nyumba vile nilivyokwambia.” Major tells Asya.

Drama as Babu meets Zuu in darkness.

Babu and Zuu meet at night. He asks what she is doing outside alone.

Zuu tricks babu she is interested in fishing just like he told her. As the two continue with their conversation Babu notices Zuu is passing some signals. She pretends to have seen something in from the fur end.

Babu goes to check out.

“Kwani kina nini? Kuna nini? Kwani kuna nini? Ngoja niangalie.”

After a few minutes,

“Sijaona Kitu mimi.” Babu says.

Bi ua on the other hand feels pity for the baby boy Jabali Junior. She feels for he doesn’t feel uncomfortable despite all that they are going through.

“Laiti angelijua kilichotokea.”

Asya asks Ua to carry her baby boy for even a minute but she cuts her short.

“Nitabeba mshichana wangu atakapoamka.” Ua tells Asya as she asks her if she can be able to keep a secret.

At Bi Salama’s home

Babu passes by Bi salama. Tye two discuss about what is eating up in the society.

The two resolve if it were not their current hustles they they could be working for Jabali.

“Nisingekuwa Mchimba makaburi, mvuvi, ningelikuwa kwa Jabali. Nisingewaogopa manake mimi si kambi yake ya kijeshi. Maisha tunayoishi ni kwa kadara ya mwenyezi Mungu. ” Babu speaks.

Sultana 6th April part two start. It’s at night and Mwanzele is busy drinking “Mnazi” with his friends. Mwanzele is madly in love with Zuu. He sings “Ee Zuu nakupenda.”

He promises to go straight to Zuh and ask her if truly she loves him.

Major Jabali asks Bi Ua to go back to the city. That is the only place they will get maximum medical attention. Bi Ua disqualifies the suggestion.

Bi Salama prays Babu Sultana to wake up one day with her vision ability.

Drama At the swimming pool.

Maneno gives instructions to Mwanzele on how he will clean the pool. He is not going to be around because of the anniversary ceremony. But funny enough Mwanzele is not even attentive to his instructions, he keeps on accepting even after Maneno stops talking.

This behavior makes Maneno suspect they are not on the same page. Maneno notices Mwanzele has lost his senses after seeing Zuu. He pushes him into the Swimming pool.

Buya is Broke.

Buya has no money. He is Broke. This is evident from the discussion he holds on the phone.

“Mweleze awe na subra kidogo manake hatuwezi mpa pesa ilhali account hazina pesa.”

Buya babake Dida also asks his wife to prepare since the are supposed to shift to an affordable house. A house they can pay.

“Nini uelewi kuwa hakuna pesa. Mimi mumeo nimefilisika na kampuni haiendi vizuri.”

Sultana Citizen Tv 6th April 2022 ends.

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