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As Sultana Citizen tv show begins, Bi Ua and Sada argue over the reason why major left. Sada claims Ua is his wife and she is in position to explain why Major Jabali left without explanation. On the other side, Ua suspects Sada knows well.

3rd October vs 4th October 2022

In the previous show of Sultana, Jabali left tye mansion with no notice and explanation. His destination remained his secret since he doesn’t believe in anyone who is a member of his family at the moment.

3rd October 2022 – Written Updates part 1.

Major Jabali anointed his only son Jj to be tye head of the family. It sounds so ironical for a son to be tye head of his Mother and Uncle.

Jabali Junior faces opposition when he requests his mother and Aunt Sada on why the old man decided to do so. The two urge Jj not to forget that Ua is his mother and Sada is his Aunt. The two remain his elders.

Hivi kwani, Kati yako na major bado kuna mapenzi. Ndio akitoka yuakuweka roho juu juu.”

Asya serves Dida porridge. Asya who fainted after getting news of her father’s arrest Mr Buya, is now a patient. Fatima used the opportunity to fake a miscarriage since Jj had threatened to do a pregnancy test.

She is now placed under close attention by Asya and her mother Fatima just to make sure she is Comfortable. Jj in their complex relationship is not also left behind. From the date he pronounced a miscarriage, Jj has been too close to Dida promising to take care of her although Dida doesn’t welcome the offer.

Fatima on realising Dida is outside, she gets shocked. Dida is not behaving as someone who got a miscarriage. She fails to pretend to be a very sick person.

Dida’s Discussion with Fatima

Fatima: What are you doing here you child?

Dida: What do I look like I am doing?

Fatima: Dida, you haven’t spend even some days. Which kind of Miscarriage is this you get energy to walk within hours.

Dida: Are you normal mum! I never had a miscarriage and I never had pregnancy. Enough about pregnancy and Sada. Where did Major go to.

Frequently asked questions FAQ

Who is Dida? Dida is a confused daughter to Buya and Fatia. She is undecided to whom she she should get married.

Jj observes as the two discuss. He goes back to his room and starts checking out his birth documents and certificates.

Dida suspects Major’s travelling has got to do with their relationship with Jj.

As dida gets into the room Fatima follows as Asya listens from the door end. Immediately, Sultana knocks at the door and she is welcomed by Dida and finally Fatima.

Fatima requests to be left with Sultana so that she can complete the conversation they had previously.

Just in the same house, Sada urges Ua to fight her own battle with Fatima. She will only help her out the day she feels will be right.

Conversation between Fatima and Sultana

Fatima: How is your Mum?

Sultana: Mum [Bi Salama] is OK (Hajambo). I have come to request Jj to go do some medical tests.

Fatima promises to make sure they get required help. She stares at her for some few seconds but their silence is disrupted by Asya. Asya asks Fatima to keep off Sultana since it is her responsibility according to Major’s instructions.

Fatima fakes to be caring. Asya loses her senses after seeing the necklace. Fatima’s move is to make sure she gets the necklace and try discover the secret behind it. After waking out with Sultana, Fatima pretends to hug but removes the golden necklace from Sultana’s neck. She takes her close to the swimming pool and directs to poor blind girl into the deeper corner. If it were not Kokan and Kaka then she could have drowned.

Kokan being opportunistic uses tye chance and breaks the pregnancy news to Sultana.

Sultana Citizen Tv show 3rd October ends as we wait to see how Jj will pull himself from the Chain. How will Sultana Believe Jj in 4th and 5th October 2022.

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