Family meeting after Maneno’s Burial ceremony

Sada who is also in the family meeting called by Babu stops everyone from pointing fingers at Bi Salama.

This comes after Babu accused Salama to be the root cause of Maneno’s death the time she accepted to follow Jj to Major Jabali’s home. She is also accused of allowing Sultana marry Jj without informing any family member.

Sada after keenly listening to the accusations, she turns the whole blame back. First he asks Mwanzele was so reluctant when she called him to face Jabali.

She also harshly blames Zuu for turning her back most of the time she visited Bi Salama. Just to calm the whole process, Sada vows to deal with Major Jabali incase tye villagers will fail.

“Huyu hapa, ni mara ngapi nimekuwa nikija hapa ukonikataza kumwona sada. Msipolipiza kisasi nitalipiza mwenyewe……. Vita viangu na major ni vya zamani.” — Sada

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Inside Major Jabali’s Home

Dida arrives in Major Jabali’s home. She is welcomed by a tough question from her mother.

Fatima: You, where are you coming from right now? When did sleeping out without giving me notice begin.

Dida: Excuse me, last time I checked I am a grown up. I don’t need to tell anyone my whereabouts hata kama ni kulala nje.

Fatima: Ni mimi unaongelesha hivo mamako?

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Dida stands her position. She cuts her mother short indicating not ready for drama and noise.

She opens up to be coming from the village to mourn with her colleagues. Fatima is shocked to hear that. She even says villagers are not her fellows.

“Hapa ndio kuna wenzako. Hapa ndio kina familia.”

After the argument seems serious and major has gathered a few abc, he requests the two to solve the issue amicably without throwing words since his house is not a market place.

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Jj walks in and finds Dida in their house.

“Nilikuuliza kuhusu Kaka uliniambia aje? Kwa hiyo unanifanya mjinga kumbe unanichiti na Kaka.”

Jj questions what has been going on between her and Kaka.

This is coming up after Jj witnessed Kaka and Dida hugging. He sounds so bitter having also been denied by Sultana.

In Sultana Citizen Tv 4th November 2022 Full Episode Written updates, Dida hits back harder. Instead of answering allegations, Dida asks Jj is he has information his father and her mother that he married Sultana.

This sounds as bad news to the three, Jj himself, Major Jabali and Fatima. Major follows Jj, picks the certificates and burns them.

She flashbacks her passes life and tye major reason why she had to disappear from the village for a very long time.

Sultana Citizen Tv 4th, 7th November 2022 Full Episode – Video Download

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