At Bi Salama’s home

As Sultana 4th January 2023 begins, Sada tries to remind Salama about their childhood and youthful times.

During that time nothing could affect Salama and fail to share with her best friend Sada. Sada is trying her best to prove that she is still the one but it is not bearing any fruits.

“Ni kama kuchanganya mafuta na maji.”

Sada had been inquiring about the child, Sultana but got no more information about her. During all this time Salama is quietly listening.

She now raises her voice at Sada claiming she has come and the only thing is accusations after accusations.

Sada shuts her off, “Usiniletee ubabaifu mimi. Ukweli waujua na unaumiza huko ndani. Wacha nikwambie, hata kama wewe ni mamake huyu msichana, Huna idhini ya kumuozesha. Na kama wajua, nenda katuitie wajomba na mashangazi wake mtoto. Kama hapa si kwao basi mregeshe kwao.” Sada commands in Sultana 4t January.

Kokan who is waiting for thr feedback from Salama and also waiting to see their reactions with Sada has instructed his people to continue singing.

Indeed Sultana 4th January 2023 happens to be among the best episodes. Kokan is too proud and boasting. Everyone is now wondering how packaged Kokan is little they know who is behind his financial status.

Zuu comes with bad news. She receives a call from Kaka who call upon everyone to go and say goodbye to Babu.

Babu is in a critical state after being tortured. Jabali instructed his hired goons to torture him and lastly capsize the boat to kill him unfortunately Kaka found and rescued him.

More about Sultana 4th January 2023 to follow…..

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