Fatima and Sada at Jabali’s Mansion

Fatima and Sada at the beginning of the show argument arises on who is dependent and independent.

Sada claims Fatima is much into Major Jabali’s wealth in that she has forgotten her own husband Buya. She also points out that Fatima is behind the her husband getting poor and poorer to an extent of the bank auctioning his house.

“Yani kazi yako kuganda waume wa wenyewe yani. Halafu mimi sada niliyelelewa uswazi sitegemei Mume wa mtu mie. Naishi maisha yangu.” — Sada.

To answer back, Fatima shakes off Sada without sparing any single word. Fatima on her side sees herself as independent and Sada should keep off her family affairs with Buya.

Why does Major pay attention to you most than his on wife? — Sada asks

Sada throws another question on why Major does listen to Fatima most than his own wife. Is is noted that Major and Fatima have a hidden agenda.

Fatima is on Major Jabali’s neck and there is nothing he can do to her. The Major in Sultana Citizen Tv show cannot allow to be pointed by anyone but Fatima seems to have a commanding voice over him.

As Sultana Citizen tv show 3rd November 2022 continues, Fatima asks Major to promise their deal shall be successful. This is after Sada threatens to know the truth and shall spill all the truth when the right time calls.

Sultana denies loving Jabali Junior – Jj in Sultana Citizen Tv 4th November 2022.

Sultana Citizen Tv 3rd, 4th November 2022 – Full Episode Part 1 and 2

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