Sultana in Citizen Tv show 3rd May 2022.

Zuu Quarrels Mwanzele

In Sultana Citizen Tv show, Mwanzele and Zuu are not in good terms. First Mwanzele has become hard resources. He is no longer providing for his wife Zuu.

Zuu decides to Check on him at work. After Mwanzele explains how bankrupt he is, his wife fails to believe. Mwanzele comes back home wearing a gloomy face.

Zuu goes ahead asking why that kind of behaviour is showing up. After Mwanzele fails to respond, Zuu snatches away a cup of water and pours.

Kokan in Love

On the other side Love is hidden by Kokan. He doesn’t want to come out clear on why he is interrogating her lifestyle. In reality Kokan is in love with Sultana. He even compliments how Sultana is beautiful.

“Mschana mrembo kama wewe.”

Kokan portrays some jealous. He doesn’t want anybody to talk to Sultana. Kokan goes ahead urging Sultana to keep of Kaka since he is a bad friend. Surprisingly, Sultana proposes to be the bad friend misleading Kaka.

Jabali Junior’s Love may not work for Dida

Dr Jabali Junior is to Marry Dida. This is his father’s choice. But a stumbling block has Just started showing up. Bi Ua is not for Dida. She even tells Asya she won’t let it happen.

Bi Ua is not surprised seeing Dida. In fact, she acts like she has not seen anyone. She has no feelings to speak to Dida even once as fellow Woman.

Dida is tactical in winning someone’s smile. She cracks a joke in front of Jj and Bi Ua making her forget the negative pulse she has had against her daughter inlaw to be.

Why Bi Ua hates Fatima ?

Bi Ua has revealed why she hates Fatima. This is the same reason Fatima is pushing for marriage between her daughter and Jj.

Fatima wanted to be married to Major Jabali during their youth age. After all her dreams failed, she still want to be closer to to Jabali’s family through her daughter.

Sultana Citizen Tv 3rd May 2022 full Episode Part 1 and 2 – Written Updates

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