Buya asks Kokan to allow him sleep for one night.

Buya after being released from jail he heads straight to his home. He finds out that truly his house has been taken over and even the gates are locked. Buya walks the whole day without anything to eat nor drink.

The only option is Kokan. Buya finally asks Kokan to help him sleep in his house just for a night. After being let in, Mr. Buya eats Kokan’s food mercilessly without even waiting to be welcomed on the table.

Early in the moning, Kokan prepares tea and palaces breakfast on the table. Buya thinks the tea belongs to him only to realize he is not included. “Samahani hauko kwa budget yangu.

Sada gets Lawyers number

Major Jabali is now unlucky. The secret he has been hiding from Sada his sister in now revealed. This happens after Major consumes excess alcohol and falls asleep. His wife Bi. Ua takes the phone and checks the contacts. Ua notes down the details and submits to Sada. Remember she is only doing this to win Sada’s help to fight Fatima out of her house.

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