Sultana 28th October 2022 – Part 1

Watch Sultana 28th October part 1. From this episode we are going to come across Major Jabali reactions towards the protesting group in his compound.

After the villagers in the show pressurize for the release of Bi Salama and Major to come out, Sada allows her best friend out. Immediately she stepped out, the village residents protesting for fairness try to enter Majors house by force.

Major Jabali pulls out a short gun to his defense and shoots. The bullet lands on Maneno who is rushed to the hospital.

According to the reports, Babu confirms Maneno is dead.

Sultana 28th October 2022 – Part 2

Watch Part 2 of tomorrow’s Sultana Citizen Tv 28th October 2022. You can as well Watch other episodes ahead of everyone else on Viusasa.

“This is now the new face between our war.” Sada informs her brother after the incident. Major who saw Sada dashing out of the house requests her to remain calm and attend to her In-Law Bi Ua who is in comma. Sada reminds Major about his past relationship with Bi Ua and whoever he shot is his his brother in-law.

Kokan wants to commit Suicide.

Kokan now wants to commit suicide. This comes after Sultana legalized her relationship with Jabali Junior. Jj is now thew legal husband to Sultana.

Kokan also acknowledges that even after Sultana pays a visit. Kokan refuses to welcome Sultana in his house since the traditions and norms bur him from having someones wife in his house.

Sultana Citizen Tv Written Updates Today.

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