Sultana Citizen Tv Part 1

As Sultana Citizen Tv Part 1 starts, we come across Maneno. He has played a visit Kokani to check on his progress. Kokani has lost for a long time not visiting Major. Maneno is informed that the boy is in hospital watching over his grandmother. Kokani’s Grandmother has not been feeling well in the previous few days.

“Sasa akija nimwambie nani,?”

At Major Jabali’s home

Bi Ua is so much disturbed about Fatima. She doesn’t want to see her anywhere around her house. She questions Jabali why Fatima is in their compound. Major Jabali reminds Ua that they are friends with Fatima and that is why she keeps on coming. “Fatima amekuja kuvunja au kukusaidia?”

Ua claims Fatima is after breaking their marriage. She has come to make sure their marriage is full of disagreement just like hears. “She has come hear to show that she is better that me.” Ua claims. Major Jabali holds his anger not to utter anything bad.

Bi Ua

Bi Ua takes Baby Sultana to children’s home. She goes to seek for help on the child’s condition. She is worried is Sultana is blind. After some few discussions, the Bi Salama is confirmed the child is blind though its too early to conclude since children develop slowly and differently. To Salama’s disappointment, she is asked to take care of the child by herself.

Fatima of Citizen Tv show

Fatima denies her name Madam Mrs Buya. Arguments eruption between her and Asya.

Major requests Fatima to go home and relax. Fatima is disturbed after Ua turned wild at her. Major is sorry about everything. She asks if Major has been told the cause of such behaviours. Bi Ua promises not to came back again. She asks him to make phone calls incase of any issues.

Maneno meets Babu on his way. The two have healthy talks explaining to him about Kokani and the patient at the hospital.

Sultana Part 2

“Ni sawa lakini ni mapema sana.” Salama explains how she is worried with the child’s ability to see. “Huenda ikawa ni kweli shauku yako. Huenda mtoto huyu ni kipofu.” Bi Salama is told.

Buya is too hard to understand. Fatima explains how you can easily become Buya’s enemy just because of failing to follow his demands. She explains the disagreements they have in their marriage.

Bi Salama: Jabali, Jabali.

Jabali: Naja bana niniii.

Bi Ua interferes with their discussions calling her husband Major Jabali.

“Huyo mtoto itakubidi ukaishi naye. Iwapo kuna jambo utakalohitaji tutakusaidia. Bi Ua is advised to be ready to adjust and be a mother.

At Buya’s Home

Fatima arrives at home. She heads to the top floor ignoring her husband. Buya stops her being concerned why she is passing without greetings. “Unapita tu hata, hata huwezi kuamkua. Na mbona macho yako mekundu,mmepigana? Umevamiwa. ”

Buya notices his wife’s eyes are red. Fatima explains but this doesn’t shock Buya.

“Jabali nifungulieni nyinyi.” Bi ua is locked inside the house. Jabali promises to open the door but Ua should promise she will remain calm. According to Major, his wife Ua should be taken to hospital

On the other side, Zuu speaks to the goat. The goat was given to Salama as a present after successfully helping his wife Ua give birth.

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