Combined Sultana Citizen Tv 26th and 27th September 2022 full Episode for part 1 and 2

Sultana 26th September 2022

As the show begins we come across Fatima dominating over Major Jabali’s house. Early in the morning she finds out that Asya is not around. Unfortunately she is the only one who knows how her tea should be specially made. Fatima complains how the tea got salt making her daughter vomit.

Although she had maneuvered the whole scenario making it look like Dida was pregnant but couldn’t let it go. Asya will have a rough time with Fatima.

Asya arrives at Bi salama’s home. She is not shocked to set her eyes on Mwanzele’s Wife Zuu as she sweeps. Asya questions why Bi Salama had to allow Sultana to go to Major Jabali’s house knowing exactly how dangerous it is.

Zuu notifies Asya hoe Bi Salama’s health is in a very critical condition. She can not help her self walk unless we carry her along. Concerning Sultana’s visit to Majors house, Asya is told to ask the young girl herself.

Asya finds it hard after Babu intrudes her visit. Babu refers Bi Asya to Major concerning sultana’s visit. This is after Major Jabali visited and allowed his son Jj to freely walk home with his lover Sultana.

“Huko kwa Major kuna nini lakini. Isipokuwa wewe ni mfanyikazi kwa Major wewe ni kama sisi tu. Mlala hoi.!”

Asya: “Naomba Kumwona Bi Salama.”

On the other side Dida is disturbed about her fathers state contrary to her mother. Fatima has no care about her husband saying Buya passed through rough time and succeeded and so he will in this.

Buya seeks financial grace period from the bank

Buya walks into the bank walls asking for some more time. This doesn’t yield anything positive hence risking his property from being taken away.

The major reason Buya will lacks an ear to listen to his issue is the threatening of the auctioneers in his compound.

This is evident after his car is taken away.

Sultana 27th September 2022

NOTE: From Sultana Citizen TV 27th and 28th September 2022, we will come to understand who is behind Buya’s suffering. We do suspect Fatima is the mastermind behind all this just to punish him for refusing to accept Dida‘s relationship with Jj.

We also see his goon with a motorbike taking photos for evidence as the only vehicle is being snatched away.

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