Sultana Citizen Tv Tomorrow’s Full Episode part 1

Sultana 27th October 2022 begins at a point where Bi. Ua gets the reality of who her child is. Asya of Sultana opens up and mentions openly to Ua that it is true she gave birth to a Baby Girl.

Despite being annoyed but Ua is happy to know that Sultana is her biological daughter.

Just in the same house, Jabali on the other hand deals with Sultana ruthlessly. He is even seen stepping on her and dragging her on the floor. Sada comes to her rescue but she appears to be not effective.

Major Jabali slaps Sada and Ua.

Ironically, Major does not care even after noticing that Bi. Ua has lost her consciousness. He even asks Asya and Sada to help pull her out of the scene.

Sultana Citizen Tv Tomorrow’s Episode part 2

Part two Sultana 27th October 2022: After Major injured Sultana she finds her way home in pain. To her aid she comes across the motorbike riders who are also tired of Major Jabali’s torture. They escort her home and gang up to protest against Major Jabali’s actions.

Among the protestants in Sultana Citizen Tv 27th, 28th October 2022 are Motorbike riders, Kaka, Babu, Mwanzele, Manen among other residents.

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