Sultana Citizen Tv 26th July 2022 Full Episode – Written updates.

Summary- Part 1

Asya is disturbed after everyone is focused on other business despite the disappearance of Bi Salama. She is also not sure on what Bi Salama might have disclosed to Bi Ua.

On the other side, Babu finds Salama. He informes her on how everyone is in suspense of her whereabout.

Bi Salama is not ready for the disclosure of the information. As the two speak in secret, Sultana calls out her mother.

Jj arrives back home after having a clubbing out with his fiance Dida. He enters the house singing a love swahili song, “Nasinzia nikikuwaza.”

Drunk Jj, “Unangalia nani? Basi tuangaliane U .”

Sultana asks her mother whom she had been talking to. Despite her sensitivity, Bi Salama still hides on her. She says she has been talking to her self. To Salama’s disappointment, Sultana points out she is smelling Babu’s scents.

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