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Major Jabali is angry. He says all the workers will know exactly who he is. This is after Sultana falls the cake.

During the welcoming party of Jabali Junior, something annoying happened. Major Jabali had only invited the prominent people to attend. He also allowed workers to be involved in helping out whenever necessary.

On the material day, Kaka the son to Mwanzele did the unexpected. He secretly walked in with Sultana. After the managed to enter the compound, Kaka asked Sultana to stay a a hidden point and he will keep her updated.

Little did Kaka know what Sultana was planning. After he Joins the rest, Sultana decides to find her way to the mansion. She is aiming to find her bag that was taken away by Jabali Junior.

Sultana’s disruption

Because of her inability to see, Sultana lost her way. She found her self pushing an object. If only she could see for once, then she could have imagined how much damage she caused to the party.

The object was a stand on which the cake was lying. The cake dropped off and she stood helpless as the congregation remained with the mouth wide open.

Major Jabali goes crazy after the incident. He wants to know who invited the girl. Jabali even threatens to fire every one or slash their salaries for three months if the truth is not let out.

Maneno volunteers

Maneno decides to carry the cross. He says he invited Sultana to the party. This is the biggest mistake one could have done to Major Jabali. Going against his wish. Remember Major only allow invited guests in.

Maneno is fired

Maneno has decided to do this just to save his grandson. He is fired by word of mouth. Major Jabali refuses to call back his actions even after his sons intervention.

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