Here is the update of Sultana Citizen Tv Show 24th October 2022 Monday Full Episode:

Sultana Citizen Tv 21st Episode was rolled to 24th after Nipashe news interference on thursday. Nipashe news by Swaleh Mudoe was abit lengthy since it was Mashujaa day where Citizen TV had exclusive stories to cover.

In Sultana Citizen Tv Monday episode, Sultana and Jj are now officially married couples. The two confirmed their marriage in hospital where Bi Salama and the secretary were their witnesses.

Jj is over excited since his dream was to marry a girl who is the desire of her heart. It should be noted that his father Major Jabali is against their togetherness. Jj became opportunistic who used the space that his father was away to get married. Major will be shocked when the news will be poured on their floor that Jj and Sultana are now official husband and wife.

Dida and Fatima too will be shocked. More so, Fatima who has her own hidden agenda wont take the updates lightly. She is capable of doing anything. Just to enlighten you, Imagine fatima is instructing a goon to go and attack her only husband Buya. This is because Buya is no supportive to her opinion of getting Dida married to Jj.

Fatima also almost killed Sultana in the fish pond. Not enough, Fatima had earlier on hit Bi Salama a Bottle on the head an action that has costed Bi Salama’s health.

On the other side, Kokan will be up to make sure the marriage doesn’t Succeed.

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