Just-in Sultana 24th January 2023, Jj is arrested and put under police custody.

Jj is arrested and confined in the police cells. He is arrested following accusations filed by his father Major Jabali.

Jj is the key suspect in Kokan’s disappearance an incident that happened few hours after the two had fought.

Kokan was attacked by Jj who is the rival in Sultana’s love and also claims to be the father to the unborn child.

After Kaka shares the news with Dida, Fatima seems to have already gotten the information from her hired goon hawker.

Fatima and Jj celebrate Jj’s arrest.

Kaka plans to escape the village for new life in the city.

Kaka in Sultana Citizen Tv 24th January 2023 packs his bag ready to travel. His aim is to go start a new life away from the village.

Sultana pops in before he leaves. She shares her mind concerning the decision by Kaka.

As the three try to reason out, Fatimas hawker Knocks at tye door. Although Kaka says he won’t buy basins since there is no money, the hawker insists to negotiate and collect money later.

Sultana dashes out to inquire after hearing some arguments from Kaka.

The secret is now out, keep in touch as we disclose what will happen in Sultana Citizen Tv Wednesday 25th January 2023 full episode.

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