Just In- Sultana Citizen TV 23rd September 2022 Full Episode Part one and 2 written updates.

As sultana Citizen Tv 22nd September begins, we come across Sultana having much problems in Majors mansion. JJ Questions the presence of Dida’s mother Fatima as he brings his lover sultana home.

According to Jj, it is not a coincidence for Fatima to meet Sultana in one house and also welcome her warmly. It is however evident that Major Jabali Is having a hidden agenda with Fatima over Sultana’s relationship with Jj.

Will Jj and Sultana end up together?

Jj and Sultana will end up together as legally married couples. This will be after everyone will turns against Major Jabali and push for his freedom of choice on whom to marry.

Will Major Jabali accept Sultana as his Daughter?

Major Jabali will be informed about what happened during the birth of Sultana. Although it will be hard but he will finally accept the fact that Sultana is his only daughter. This secret will unveil itself from the Gold necklace that got lost during Bi Ua’s labor moments. The expensive necklace was awarded to Bi Salama as a present by Bi Asya after executing her Midwife duties well.

Who will Marry Dida?

Dida will be married by Kaka and they will make the happiest couple ever. Dida is only under pressure to get married to JJ but she deeply loves Kaka.

Who is Kaka In sultana Citizen Tv Series?

Kaka is a middle aged young man in Sultana Citizen Tv show. He is the son to Mwanzele and Zuu.

Who is the main actor in Sultana?Sultana/Mwanaasha Johari
Where to watch SultanaCitizen Tv
Time7:30 – 8:00 PM
ViusasaUploaded daily
When Did Sultana Citizen Tv start?7th March 2022
Where is Sultana filmed?Kenyan coast
Who owns Sultana Series?Lulu Hassan and her husband, Rashid Abdalla
ProductionSultana Citizen TV show is produced by Jiffy Pictures.

Sultana Citizen Tv Today / Tomorrow full episode dates and updates

26th September 2022Monday
23rd September 2022FridayBuya’s Property auctioned
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