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Sultana is a Movie series about a young blind lady who was pronounced dead at birth. Having been born of a man who was obsessed by a male heir Retired Major Jabali, the blind poor girl was switched at birth by the Midwife Bi Salama and the house servant Asya.

She was later raised by the same village Midwife Bi Salama. Sultana survived all the challenges that came with her inability to see. She raises above all the circumstances, looking for happiness, Opposing stigma, rejection, unwanted pregnancy and poverty.

Sultana CITIZEN Tv written updates

In Sultana citizen Tv we come across two young men Jabali Junior – JJ AND Kaka. The two are attached to Jabali’s family. JJ is the Known only son of Major Jabali and Kaka is the worker.

Kaka is the relative to Sultana and attracted to Dida the only daughter to Mr. Buya. Other other hand JJ is attracted to Sultana and forced by his father to marry Dida.

As Sultana Citizen Tv 3rd August 2022 episode begins Dida is ready for the Birthday celebrations. She is in her room applying some Makeups.

Her mother Fatima is seen up on her toes ensuring all thing ate to her expectations. After a short while the invited visitors arrive. Fatima is not surprised to see Bi Ua and Sada accompanied Major to the party.

Jj too is presnt with their home assistants Mwanzele, Kaka and Maneno. This might bring Dida a confusion since she really loves Kaka Unconditionally. When Dida sees Kaka the two are always restless and this will bring suspicion to other Visitors.

What to expect in Sultana Citizen Tv 4th August 2022 Full Episode.

In Sultana Citizen Tv 4th August 2022, we will be enjoying the show seeing how Dida’s Birthday party will be held. Things may also go wrong for Kaka if Major and Fatima realizes Dida loves Kaka and nit Jj.

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