Sultana 1st November 2022 Part 1

“Sultana, Sultanaaa,” — Jj — Jabali Junior calls out his love in the house.

Major Jabali rebukes him for bothering people who do not bother his life. He should be busy helping out his mother instead.

Jj is shocked with Major Jabali’s statement. As the two have their conversations on the first floor, Fatima is also listening keenly on what they are talking about.

Major in turn reminds his son that Bi Ua is the one who brought him on earth. He evades the question on what he did to Bi Ua.

Mr Jabali is so disappointed in Jj having left him home with powers to take care of the house and family.

On the other side, Bi Salama reminds Babu that the medicine to fire outbreak is water and not fire. This is contrary to a swahili saying that states “dawa ya moto ni moto.”

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Major Jabali to face it rough is 2nd November 2022 Full Episode – Written updates

Bi Salama request Babu to stop the revenge mission since deaths might still occur before justice is won.

Jj at home can’t give his father some space to breathe. He pushes him to the wall forcing Major to utter atleast a single word about what happened to Sultana and Bi Salama but he proves not interested.

Major only wants to here about his wife Bi Ua.

“Nakuhakikishia mzee, ka unahusika kwa lolote lile, hivi vita havitaisha.”

Jj vows not to end the war incase Major jabali was involved.

As Major keeps the secret, Bi Asya pours all the truth for Jj. He now knows, Major hit Bi Ua, pulled Sultana and shot Maneno.

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Sultana Citizen Tv 2nd November 2022 Full Episode part 1 and 2 – Maneno’s burial planning continues.

Sultana 1st November 2022 Part 2

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Part 2 begins on the village. Sultana flashbacks how her mother accepted their marriage and relationship with Jj in Sultana Citizen Tv 27th October 2022 episode. She suspects if Jj was genuinely in love with her or it was a plan to trap them.

Sultana is confused not knowing is keeping Jj’s ring is OK or throwing away is the best. She hides in the old box.

Sultana is now blamed for causing more trouble. This is after she kept her relationship with Jj and finally got married.

Their relationship has caused loss is life when Maneno is shot dead.

Maneno was among the villagers who were fighting for fairness in the society.

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Sultana Citizen Tv Written Updates.

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