Sultana Citizen Tv Tomorrow Wednesday Full Episode part 1 and 2 – Updates

Fatima Return the Necklace.

Fatima of Sultana Citizen Tv show returns the Necklace to Jj. She does this immediately after she noticed Dida is now aware of it.

Fatima directs Al to Bi Ua and Sada to have placed it in her bag in order to frame and spoil their good relationship. First, Fatima says Sada might have done this since she never liked her stay in Major Jabali’s house.

Although Jj is hesitant to believe but he atleast shows some trust in whatever Fatima is saying.

Jj Takes the Necklace to Sultana.

Jj after receiving the Necklace, he Takes it without delay back to Sultana in 9th October 2022 Episode.

The most confusing part of it is that Jj is under pressure not to understand whom to please.

After he takes the Necklace to Sultana, Jj still covers Fatima lying that it was found in the pool. Sultana shows how grateful she is to have received his mother’s treasure.

“Major Jabali changed from the time Fatima intruded into our life.” – Bi Ua opens to Jj

Bi Ua opens to Jj how Major was a very good person. Unlike today, Major Jabali used to communicate with his wife despite the distance and time. But now he is acting differently.

Ua informs Jj how caring Major was but suddenly changed after Fatima came close. She knows Major is out on a secret mission and when he comes back, Jj should be ready for tye recharged pressure to marry Dida.

“Truth will be uncovered.” Fatima tells Jj

Sada is not happy at all in Sultana Citizen Tv 19th October 2022, Wednesday Full Episode part 1 and 2. She waits for Jj in his room where is almost poured hidden information on the table.

Sada tells Jj how Major threw her away as his only sister just after the death of their father. She winds up saying one of this fine days, the hidden truth shall be disclosed.

This is a Written Update of Sultana Citizen Tv 19th October 2022 Full Episode for Part 1 and 2.

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