Just In – Sultana 16th December 2022

As Sultana Citizen Tv show begins, Kokan is shocked to hear Sultana is Pregnant. The news on the contrary seems to be nice to him where by he claims to be the father of the unborn unlike Sultana claims Jj is the father.

“Mimi ndiye baba na sio Jj.”

Sultana claims for an explanation on why Kokan is 100 percent sure of whatever he is speaking.

“Niache ibilisi mkubwa una nini lakini wewe.”

“Haya haya Kokani, ondoka, ondoka hapa.” Bi Salama arrives and asks Kokan to leave. Kokan has come in peace.

He feels painful after all the good things he has done for the family. For the first time Kokan feels the pain of being a parent.

On the other side, Major is still locked himself in the room with his wife Bi Ua.

Despite her unconsciousness, Major Jabali still informs Ua that he has given Sada alot of freedom and space until he cannot do some personal development.

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