Today on sultana Citizen Tv, we are highlighting the biff between Doctor Jabali Junior and Kaka. Kaka who is closer to Sultana knows to restore her joy is to get her bag.

He decides to snick into Major Jabali’s house to get the bag. But by bad luck he is caught by Jabali Junior. He tries to trick him saying he has been looking for a sack to use in carrying tools he uses in boat repairs.

Jabali Junior can’t bank the excuse. He asks why he just what’s that bag and nothing else. The bag in question was taken away by J. J from Sultana.

J.J found Sultana in their fruits garden where he claimed she is the thief who steals Oranges from their garden.

This has created an enemity that will prevail between J.J and Kaka in the rest episodes of Sultana Citizen Tv show.

(Sultana Citizen Tv 19th April 2022 Full Episode part 1 and 2 written updates)

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