Part 1

Kaka is depressed

Just after witnessing his lover being taken away in Sultana Citizen Tv 14th October 2022 Episode, Kaka is now confused in 17th October episode. He is seen at the sea shores flash backing how Jj picked up Dida. Dida had given Kaka the same venue to meet and make love.

Kaka was also sent away by his father not to come back again.

Dida on the other side is heard on phone call trying to sort some few things out. She apologizes to someone she might have wronged. This might be Kaka.

Fatima has done some shopping

Despite having confessed to be broke, she has done some shopping. This shocks her daughter on where has she got the money. Fatima claims the money was her savings that even a husband should never know.

Dida: “Mum umetoa wapi pesa, am just curious because you told me you are flat broke.”

Fatima: “Inaitwa strength of a woman, Nilisema niko broke, sikusema kwamba sina akiba.”

Fatima is not bothered by any question From Dida. She happens to be eager to know how it went with Jj. She has no idea the were only together for a reason to reunite with her father Buya.

Back to Major’s home

Bi Ua and Asya are confused on what is happening. they are worried on the whereabouts of Jj and Sada since the two have not resumed back home since the emergency call. As they find out how to reach them on phone, Jj and his aunt Sada arrive at the mansion. Before they enter the house, their is a question and answer discussion that goes on.

Jj informs Sada to be mixed up. This concerns the Gold necklace where Dida said they are not aware of it. Sada shuts him down blaming his upbringing. Sada from her own words says Jj was brought up like an egg. He does not know how to read someones face and statements. Jj throws the ball back on where Sada was since she is part of the family. She postpones the conversation terming it as a story for another day.

Kaka finds accommodation from Babu

Nimekuja kuelewa mbona wanasema “Kuishi Kwingi ndio kuona mengi.” – Long life helps one to see more. This Swahili proverb is used bu Kaka at Babu’s house. He was found by Babu sitting helplessly at the door step. Kaka in Sultana Citizen Tv 17th October 2022 claims not to have a place to sleep. He asks Babu to help him sleep for one night as he sorts himself the following day.

Babu is a generous man. He is also a very close person to Kaka. Babu offers to stay with Kaka as he helps to solve whatever is eating him up. Babu prepares super. As he lays the table Kaka is seen with tears trickling his eyes as he blocks Dida’s number on his phone.

Part 2

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