Sultana Citizen Tv 2022 Written Updates.

Today on Citizen Tv show, Maria is getting impatient on Buya’s state.

Being new in tge region, Maria wa Kitaa has attracted some suspicion from the residents who want to know her well.

She has no idea of what awaits her I’d caught with Buya. First of all, her fellow garbage collectors are worried of the police after the news about a dead body located at the dumping site. Their Leader requests Maria to give information concerning the man in Sultana Citizen Tv 16th episode but she claims to be unaware.

That marks the ignition point of her eviction incase they confirm she lied to them.

Secondly, the are hustlers who make a living from college scrap material would be send away from the region incase the police fail tho disclose what is going on.

Maria herself had a bad dream with buya. Let’s set this aside and focus on Sultana Citizen Tv 17th November 2022. Buya is not showing signs of recovering soon. He cannot talk, hold a cup or even take himself to the wash room.

😂”Huyu mzae joh. Uggghggggg.” Buya has messed himself. The bad smell annoys Maria.

After offering first aid in 17th November 2022, Maria wa Kitaa sits and stares at Buya without uttering a single word.

This is a Sultana Citizen Tv show 17th November written updates.

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