Sultana Citizen Tv begins at a point where Jj the son to Major Jabali opens his heart to Sultana.

1. Drawing the Love symbol

Jj draws a Love symbol just to show how he truly loves Sultana.

Jj also goes ahead by placing a gold ring on her finger. He requests her to keep it safe a way of keeping them close where departed.

The two eventually reach at Sultana’s hidden home. Bi Salama is shocked on what her daughter did claiming Jj and his family are the reason of their exile life.

Bi Salama also nullifies Jj’s request to help Sultana see in future. As a doctor he vowed to use all his Knowledge to make her see.

“This girl was born blind and their is no way he can see. We all know that. And in any case she sees, then she will be more stubborn than she is.”

Sada faces Dida

Dida visits Jj’s home. She claims to have come in apologetic mood on behalf of her family.

Surprisingly she has no information Sada witnessed everything that was going on with Kaka.

Sada: “Hauna ata haya kunyemelea waume wawili kama mama yako.”

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