Sultana Citizen Tv show 15th June 2022 Full Episode part 1 and 2 written updates

Part 1

At Bi Salama’s home

Kokan is seen at Bi Salama’s home. He talks to Salama and Zuu recalling what has been going on but consoles with them to allow life to move on.

Kokan requests for much pressure on Sultana to continue with her tuition promising it will help her in future life.

Zuu who follows Kokan’s statement breaks the silence. She wonders what love can do. She discourages Kokan’s love for Sultana saying it is forceful love.

“Siwezi nikaruhusu dadangu aolewe na mtu kama wewe. Subutu.”

At the Hospital

On the other hand, quarrels between Jabali Junior and his fiance Dida hikes.

The two are in total disagreement. This is after Jj fought with Kaka. It is said the two fought after Jj kissed Sultana.

This information sounds negative in Dida’s ear. She follows Jj to the hospital to confirm but her husband to be is not ready to explain.

“Utaacha lini kupigania kile kischana. Jj nani anafaa kupiganiwa?”

“We are not friends. We are still enemies.”

Bi Ua is told not to think her move to inform and call Sada will restore their friendship.

Sada also slashes Major Jabali Short. It has now been confirmed the piece of land owned by Major doesn’t belong to him alone legally.

Sultana Citizen Tv part 2

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