Part 1

Major Jabali and Mwanzele go for fishing. He is not aware his son is already at home. At home Jabali Junior is questioned whey he came without notice but he assures his mother all is OK.

No body was expecting J. J. His father was only sure of the coming date that he had planned for an official homecoming party.

As the two finish their fishing, Mwanzele informs Major that his some will like the fish. This rings fast into his mind hence suspecting his son J.J is at home.

They rush home. Jabali expresses joy after seeing his only heir. He hugs him. Jabali Junior is happy to be at home. He promises to walk in the village and adventure all the beautiful scenery within the location.

Major Jabali’s reaction is contrary to Bi Ua’s expectations. She thought her husband will turn wild after the boy decided to come without notifying his father.

They enjoy a meal with fish that he harvested. Major jabali is also concerned about his sons relationship with Dida.

Dida is the daughter to Fatima and Buya. Jabali and Fatima have expectations of establishing a relationship through their children’s marriage. This pressure keeps on unfolding in the current episodes.

Sultana Citizen Tv 14th and 15th March 2022 Full Episode part 1 and 2 written updates

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