Sultana Citizen Tv 13th, 14th October 2022 Full episode part 1 and 2 – Written Updates

As Sultana Citizen tv Tomorrow’s episode begins, Kaka is ready for Dida’s appointment. The two are set for the planned meeting.

Dida prepares and sends Kaka a message notifying him that she is ready. She also shares the location to the meeting point.

As Kaka finds his way to the meeting location, Dida receives a message from Jj on her father’s whereabouts. According to her father’s love, Dida can even sacrifice her lovers date to go see Buya. She also shares the same destination with Jj.

As Kaka arrives, coincidentally Jj also arrives. Kaka witnesses how Jj picked up his sweetheart. He has no idea where they are going. According to his conscience, Dida might have played him.

He also makes a call to confirm but all in vain, its not picked.

On the other side, Sada pays Bi Salama a visit. She is first welcomed by Sultana who is busy washing utensils. Sada makes a few inquiries on her knowledge about her parents. Unfortunately, Salama has no information about her Father and mother.

Sada on her entry into the house, her frown face imply how Salama’s health is deteriorated. She pours tears while asking why Salama refuse her collaboration to fight Major Jabali.

Sada also reminds Salama about her inability to have a child but she has Sultana. Since she has been so caring to the poor girl, what happens to her incase she dies. Whom will she leave her with because all the secrets are kept by herself.

As Sada continues with her conversation to Salama, Jj takes Dida to her Father Buya in Sultana Citizen Tv 13th October 2022. On their way they almost landed to a disagreement after Jj asked about the gold necklace.

Dida claims the two grew up I a way that they should suspect each other on the issues. Dida is completely disappointed about that.

Finally, they drive into a certain compound where Buya is seen coming from a house. Dida doesn’t believe her eyes. She hesitates but finally runs and hugs his father.

A reunion of father and daughter happens in Sultana Citizen Tv 13th October 2022 as we continue waiting for 14th October Episode from the source.

Sultana Citizen Tv Tomorrow’s episode is always uploaded on Viusasa where fans can watch ahead of everyone else.

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