Sultana Citizen Tv part 1

As Sultana show starts on Citizen Tv, Kokani is not happy with Sultana. He is very much disappointed in her disobedience. Kokani promises to warn Sultana once she comes back.

“BI Salama complains Sultana doesn’t take her instructions into consideration. Kokani extends his disappointment to an extent of rejecting her friends greetings.

Sultana becomes Stubborn.

  1. She goes out without permission.
  2. She decides to walk places that she was advised not to by Bi Salama.
  3. She doesn’t return back home on time.

Fatima Calls M.J

Fatima and M.J exchange a romantic conversation. Fatima’s dream is to have Dida married to Jabali Junior.

Although she is pushing Dida to make the decision, but all end up badly. Dida can’t hold it anymore. She finally disrespects her mother leading to an electric slap. Dida after being slapped walks away from her mother.

As the two continue having an argument, Dida opens up how good her father is and its because of Fatima’s behaviour that led to departing with Buya her father.

“Better dad knows that a good relationship is that with love and not like. That is the reason he left you.” Dida tells her mother.

Major Goes Fishing

Major prepares to go for Fishing. He wants to remember those days when he way a young boy. He leaves with Mwanzele.

Kokani becomes impatient

Kokani is totally in disagreement with Sultana’s going out. He informs Bi Salama how tired he is coming to Sultana’s home and this time she has to visit him for studies.

Shockingly, Kokani also opens up to Bi Salama. He asks her to urge Sultana to stop meandering since time is not on their side. Kokani is Madly in Love with Sultana.

Sultana Citizen Tv part 2

Brief explanation of Kokani.

Kokani is the grandchild to Bi Dama. He is one of the children that were housed at Bi Dama’s children home.

His education is taken care of by Major Jabali. Kokani is a graduate in Doctorate just like Jabali’s Son Jabali Junior.

Why Kokani is bitter

Sultana inquires why Kokani sometimes over react and some times lowers himself towards her. Bi Salama opens up how Kokani sacrificed his life to rescue her life.

It is during that particular time that he suffered burns allover his body.

This is also evident from Kokani. In his house he rests with Sultana’s picture. He consoles himself with scars everywhere.

“Bora haoni Kovu nami sijali Upofu wake.”

Jabali Junior returns without notice.

Jabali Junior returns home without notice. He is welcomed back home by Asya and his mother Bi Ua.

Bi Ua is worried about Jabali’s reaction since he was to welcome him home with a very expensive and exclusive celebration in the village.

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