Sultana Citizen Tv Monday 12th September 2022 Full Episode Part 1 and 2

Sultana Citizen Tv Written Updates part 1

“Wazee wa Mtaa” call Kaka for a meeting. The old men led by Babu information Kaka that he is risking residents lives.

This is as a result of Kaka’s relationship with Dida. After the elders touched this personal relationship issues, it all drives Kaka crazy.

“Sasa mahusiano yetu na Dida yanaingilia wapi usalama wa wana kijiji. Ama hili baraza limekosa kazi,?” Kaka asks.

They clear the air informing Kaka to be slow on anger since that is not the main reason for the meeting.

On the other side, Bi Salama lies helpless on the floor after the attack at night.

Major sent his goons to attack and warm her. They did mot leave hear untouched.

Jj AKA Othman Njaidi also tries to convince Sultana accept to legalise their relationship as husband and wife in private. Although Sultana accepts to enter the Marriage registers office, she questions on how the family members will feel and say.

“I feel this is not the right time for us Jj to legalise a marriage. Let’s wait for the right time.” Sultana speaks.

She also affirms to be lacking the Identification Card and Birth certificate. In support of the matter Sultana – (Real name Mwanaasha Johari) believes Bi Salama must be aware of the certificates and will realy play a ig role in the whole process.

Inside Buya’s house things Seem to be wrong. Buya receives a letter that is suspected to be carrying some critical Messages. He is seen to be sad as he tears the envelope into pieces.

To avoid questions, Buya keeps the papers in pocket. Although Buya tries much to keep everything normal but his daughter Dida suspects from his mood swing that all is not well.

Still in Sultana 13th September 2022 Dida wants to open some important information to her father. She is warned about the negative outcomes of the step she wants to take by her mother Fatima.

Sada is busy searching for the Certificates and important documents

Sada tries to enter the private room. She thinks ghat is the place Major jeeps his Documents. As she finds her way in, Major sees her asking her to stop and wait for his aid.

“Ahaa, wait I give you what you want. How stupid do you think i am to put myDocuments open for you to get easily. I give you a short notice to pack your belongs and leave.” Major speats fire.

Sultana Citizen Tv Written Updates part 2

1. Get more updates on Sultana Citizen Tv 13th September 2022 Full episode Written updates.

2. Sultana Citizen Tv 13th September 2022 Full Episode Written updates.

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