Sultana Citizen Tv Written Updates

JJ offers to help Buya.

After being hit down by Buya,Jj still suspects Buya needs some help. He does not keep the revenge inside his heart. Despite the fact that Jj does not love Dida but still tries to make sure his personal relationship remains intact. Jj promises to help Buya to the last minute in his struggle to find Dida’s whereabouts.

Jj allowed his mother send away Dida from their mansion after mistreating Sultana. He also gives Buya some money to take care of him self.

Dida listens to Fatima’s Conversation with Major Jabali.

Fatima Calls Major Jabali asking him to be fast. She even gives him pressure to stick to their plan. As the two have their conversation, no one is aware Dida is at the door listening. She pops in and notifies her mother to have heard everything.

Dida to meet Kaka.

Kaka on the other side calls Dida. She opens up how she was badly waiting for the call. The two are madly in love and seems like nothing will separate them.

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