Leaving aside Sultana 5th December 2022 Monday Full Episode, today Dida has decided to open up her true story on how she met her husband Dan Sonko.

Bwire Ndubi is known as Dida in the popular Sultana Citizen Tv show. She acts as the daughter to Buya and Fatima.

In real life, Dida is happily married to a Kenyan actor from Mombasa.

First Meeting

From the statement she shared on Wednesday, Winnie Bwire Ndubi and her husband were only friends working on set.

“We knew each other through the theatre club, we were cast in a play together. When he got married, I only met him during concerts most of which he was in the company of his wife,” she narrates.

When they continued with family friendship, the wife passed away after admission in hospital where she needed more blood.

2nd Meeting

“When I met him we were working on Kalimani dynasty season one, and we would advise each other on matters of life. In that space we became so close,” she explained.

Ndubi opened up and said they did not intend to follow that path but got together and married. Her husband is an Actor Dan Sonko

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