“Wamemuua.” Sultana 9th November 2022 begins at the scene where Buya was living. The two can’t accept the fact that he might be killed. Dida proposes to go and look for him elsewhere.

In Major Jabali’s house: Where is Fatima, Major asks. He asks Sada and Jj who also have no clue of Dida and Fatima’s whereabouts. Sada asks for a break.

To silence her brother, Sada brings in the issue of inheritance that her father left. She asks Major to stop boasting about wealth and his house since that is their father’s home. Sada spills the beans indicating that her father grabbed wealth from their parents.

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Regarding the issue of inheritance, Major says he is the only rightful heir and Sada has no right to claim anything.

Bi Salama: Bi salama while with Sultana, tye two discuss about Kokan and their closeness with. Sultana says she has no hidden interest only that Kokan promised to help solve the eye problem without surgery. Thus will help Sultana to see.

As they speak Babu Visits. Babu feel sorry for accusations he had made regarding Manenos death.

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Sultana Citizen Tv show 9th, 10th November 2022 Full Episode part 1, 2 – Written Updates

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