Citizen Tv 7th December 2022 Sultana Full Episode for Part 1 and 2 – Written Updates

As the first episode begins, Kaka offers Dida free advice. He asks her not to trust everyone who call claiming to know Buya’s whereabouts.

This comes after Dida got a phone call requesting for 500K before he can share more information about her father is Sultana 6th December Episode. Dida is confused on where she will get the money since she has turned to be a beggar at Jabali’s home.

Major Jabali finds it hard to sleep

Major is forced to appreciate the outfit of Mdoli that Ua claims to be her baby girl. After he refused saying he needs space to sleep, Ua should singing ‘lala mtoto lala. Sleep baby sleep’

Major bows to trick her but Ua requests him to feed the doll.

Sultana is Pregnant, Babu is informed.

Bi Salama in Sultana 7th December requests Babu to come at night. He asks Sultana to explain herself.

More to come on Sultana 7th December 2022…..

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