Sultana 22nd November 2022 begins Maria’s residence where she is still nursing Buya. Maria express how she feels with the unknown man revealing how tired she is.

Buya who tried his efforts has realised he is paralysed. He says this after Maria asks him to eat food and thereafter find his way out of her house.

After from being bored Maria is also disgusted with the wound that remains unattended to for a long period of time.

“Buda, manze si ilikuwa ushugulikie hii kidonda yako.”

Maria is a nice girl, her hospitality reminds Buya of his only daughter Dida.

“Huyu msichana ni mkarimu sana. Ananikumbusha Dida wangu.”

Still in Sultana 22nd November 2022, Sada plans to have a banana trunk buried since Buya’s body is nowhere to be found. She insists Buya is dead even after Major Jabali’s intervention to give it some time.

Dida is not of tye opinion. She requests Major fir some money and she will be out to hunt for his dad. Dida is very much sure her father is still alive.

Jj on the other hand visits Sultana. He meets another bombshell after Sultana assures him of finished love between the two.

According to Bi Salama, Sultana made her decision to love Jj and she can still revert it by her self without being forced or convinced by someone.

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