Just in: Sultana Citizen Tv 21st November 2022 Full Episode part 2 and 2 Written Updates.

Sada of Sultana Citizen Tv show officially opens war with her only brother Major Jabali.

In the show, Major and Sada are biological brothers. The two are children to the old man Jabali whose name has never been mentioned even accidentally by his son.

According to Sada, Major’s inheritance to his father’s wealth was not according to their father’s will.

As the show hints hitting the climax, we discover many things. One, Jabali is in the process of selling the shamba. Sada came to this knowledge after coming across an envelope that we suspect had hidden intensive information.

She event hints to Jj but urges him not to disclose nor react this early.

Sada of Sultana citizen tv now vows to face Major Jabali in Sultana 21st November 2022. She is forced to this point after Major proved not to care about the death he cause.

Major in bitterness says he will not hesitate to do what he did to Maneno. In short Major can shoot to kill anyone who crosses his path be it his wife Ua, Sister Sada, child Jj or even Fatima and Dida.

What will happen in Sultana Citizen Tv 21st November 2022? – Monday Full Episode. Written Updates.

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