21st December 2022 Show on Citizen Tv uploaded earlier on Viusasa

In Sultana 21st December 2022, Buya is now in light on who is dating his daughter. This happens after Mwanzele dashes to Maneno’s house to speak to his son Kaka in Sultana 20th December Episode.

He is received at the door by Kaka where he stars warning Kaka upon arrival. Mwanzele is bitter to have gotten information about Sultana’s pregnancy.

He asks Kaka to to stay away from Dida. The old man also cautions Kaka for having sunken himself into the issue of searching Mzee Buya.

As he speaks all this Buya is just nodding his head on how sharp Mwanzele’s words are piercing through his heart.

Now that Buya is aware of who his daughter loves and had vowed to support, will he put in his hand and bless the relationship in Sultana Citizen Tv 21st December 2022 Full Episode containing part 1 and 2?

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