Dida comes back home in the morning. She finds Jj and Asya right at the door as she opens the door. The two in company of Asya head to the dining table without uttering a single word.

Major spits fire. This happens in a meeting comprising of Sada, Jj, Asya, Fatima, Dida and himself. He commands Asya to sit.

“As usual when marriages split, there is something called split of wealth and resources. This can be raised as claim by you husband to be a trick to bring about this issue. He might claim you are requesting for a divorce in order to have a share of their families property.” Sultana and Kokan told.

Sultana says it is not true on those allegations but requests for an advice from the marriage registrar. She urges that Sultana is still a young girl and getting a chance to be married by the only son to major Jabali is a big achievement. She adds that it it not ok to throw away that kind of opportunity. She urges Sultana to go take her time and think about it.

Sultana comes from a poor family. This might be the only chance to get her family from the poor state. Before even she finishes offering her giving her advice, Kokan intervenes asking her to stop convincing Sultana.

She picks a pen and signs off a form, stamps it and hands over to Kokan. From her statement, the for is to be signed by Sultana to sign that she is no longer engaged as husband and wife with Jj. The decision is all hers.

Sultana takes her time to think about it but finally she outs to sign. This appeals Kokan so much to a point of even crying.

On the other side, the meeting commences. Major asks, “who amongst you doesn’t understand who they are?”

“Skiza bwana Mejja, hizo ngojera zako za chekechea usituletee bwana.” Sada

Major asks her to shut up since she is too mouthy. He starts by listing all Sada’s characters as an inciter, gossiper and a person who cuts peoples dreams. Sada questions but shut by Major Jabali.

Kokan and Sultana find their way from the office. Kokan doesn’t believe Sultana placed the signature on the form.

Wala usifikirie kwamba nilitia sahihi ili kumpatia Jj talaka. Kwa sababu mimi ni tofauti.

Sultana placed the signature to show she is not after wealth.

Kokan is extremely happy and promises to do a free delivery of the document.

As Sultana Part 1 ends, Sada promised the truth shall be known not too long.

Part 2: Sada openly promises to side with villagers to bring Major down. “Actions speak louder that words.” Major.

Sada pours Juice in Jabali’s tea. She bitterly informs Major that this marks the introduction of war between the two. Sada walks out of the meeting.

Moving away from Jabali’s home, Maria is at the dumping site. She suspects someone following her.

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