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Sultana 17th March 2023 Full Episode – Written updates


Sultana Citizen Tv 17th March 2023 Full Episode Part 1 and 2 Written Updates

Sultana 17th March 2023 begins at a point where Jj has now known the truth about his mother.

He was told by Bi Salama in the previous episode that his mother died in the process of giving birth. Jj’s major issue is how his mother was buried without being paid the last respect, and no family members know her whereabouts.

Jj shares the same information with Sultana, who calms him down and consoles Jj to that God Bi Salama has told him the truth.

In Sultana 17th March Episode, Major Jabali receives a Slap from Fatima. He is beaten up after showing some cowardice behaviour.

Major too heads to Asya in the kitchen and questions her about the information she is sharing with Sada and Bi Ua.

After Major tries to strangle Asys and leaves her, it seems he pressed a wrong button. Asya spills the truth about the death of his father and reveals that Fatima, too, has been using the same secret to oppress and manipulate Major.

Fatima is shocked with this truth but acts like he doesn’t care. Major separates them and warns that they will carry their belongings and leave in case they continue quarrelling.

Sultana Citizen Tv show of 17th March 2023 is an episode of its own kind. The most amazing thing it when Buya calls Major and congratulates him for marrying a second wife. His concern only comes to why he is no longer invited to Major’s events, a thing he was doing some decades ago.

Sultana, on the other hand, advises Jj to go back to Major Jabali and his mother, Bi Ua.

Sultana 17th March 2023 ends at a point where Jj’s Lover asks him to take her to the grave of his biological mother, as shown by Bi Salama.

Watch Sultana Citizen TV Tomorrow’s Episode 20th, March 2023, on Monday, ahead of everyone else in Viusasa.



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